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Happy Birthday Resogun!!!

05. Nov 2014 | housemarque

ResoGun Birthday

Happy Birthday Resogun!!! …And also PS4!
As some of you may remember, Resogun launched along with the PS4 about a year ago on Nov. 4th in the U.S.

What is your most memorable classic game?

27. Oct 2014 | Administrator

favourite classic

We wanted to find out what you, thepeople who playour games, think about old games and in particular what game would you have wanted to have remade, re-imagined or just taken the best parts and made them even better. Please tell us why these games are still dear to you and tell us about the awesome experiences you’ve had.

Housemarque’s Outland ® is now available on Steam

29. Sep 2014 | housemarque

Outland Screenshot 29 Sept

Outland, the hand-drawn 2D platformer is now finally available on Steam and priced at $9.99, 9.99€, and £6.99. An additional 15% discount will benefit the fans picking up the game during the first week.

Outland®, Housemarque’s award-winning platformer, is coming to Steam Sept. 29th

19. Sep 2014 | housemarque


Marking our first global PC release in 15 years, Outland, Housemarque’s lavish polarity-switching metroidvania will land on Steam on September 29th. Editor’s Choice for both IGN and Gamespot and winner of “Best PSN Game” (IGN) and “Best Download-only Console Game” (Gamespot) at the time of its original console version release, the game has been a critics and fan favorite for years.

Something on the horizon

04. Sep 2014 | Tommaso


  The picture above is a teaser about a new release that we hope to put out reasonably soon, in a month or so. Many of you might already know what we are talking about, but let’s wait a bit longer until we actually announce it. Something old and somewhere new… that seems to be giving it away already.

Alienation announced, see the trailer

12. Aug 2014 | housemarque


Ladies and gentlemen, the day is here: Housemarque, developer of Sony-exclusive hits such as RESOGUN™, Super Stardust: Delta™, Dead Nation™ and Super Stardust HD™ is extremely proud to announce a brand new PS4 exclusive: Alienation.

RESOGUN Free PDF Guide v1.0 now available

21. Jul 2014 | housemarque


Hi there. You might wonder why this free RESOGUN guide comes out only now. While it was a deliberate choice of the development team to allow players to explore the game and learn about the intricacies of the scoring system through word of mouth and online interaction, over time we came to the conclusion that we should shed some light on certain aspects of the game that will make the experience more enjoyable even for the less hardcore players. Some of these tips have been shared on our forum, some over Facebook or Twitter; others were written specifically for this guide….

RESOGUN Heroes now available

27. Jun 2014 | Tommaso


The first RESOGUN expansion, Heroes, is finally available on both the North American and European Playstation Store. Quoting our friend Ian Pickles from SonyXDev, this is what you’ll find in the package…

Resogun free update now available, introduces ships editor and local co-op

23. Jun 2014 | housemarque


As announced on the PSBlog on June 21, the free patch update for RESOGUN is now available for download to all PS4 users. The patch introduces the custom ships editor, local co-op, a bunch of bug/exploit fixes and 11 new trophies.

Who won a Resogun Saviour t-shirt?

14. May 2014 | housemarque

Who won a Resogun Saviour t-shirt?

On May 9 we launched a small competition named Save the Last Humans. After keeping our own version of an Entmoot, we decided to award a very rare, very precios RESOGUN Saviour t-shirt to the authors of the the following entries…