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Dead Nation for PSVita out today!

15. Apr 2014 | housemarque

Dead Nation for PSVita out today!

We are glad to announce that the long awaited port of Dead Nation on PSVita, completed by our friends at Climax Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment, WWS, XDEV Europe, is finally available for release!

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 hits PS+ on March 5th

27. Feb 2014 | housemarque

DNAE - Logo_smaller

The Apocalypse is upon us. As many of you may have noticed from the recent rumor mill, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will hit the PS4 on March 5th (4th in the US). The game comes free for PS+ subscribers. Hooray!

A very special message for our Dead Nation fans

09. Sep 2013 | housemarque


At Housemarque, we are aware of the huge follow Dead Nation, our grim twin-stick shooter for PS3, has among fans of action and zombie games alike. That’s why we decided to record a special message about our upcoming PS4 game, RESOGUN, with them in mind. Watch it until the end, and remember that RESOGUN comes free with PS+ if you get a PS4 at launch!

Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation included in IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games

06. Mar 2013 | housemarque


We are happy to share with you that both Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation have been included in the IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games chart released on Feb 28th, respectively on position 4 and 12. Not a bad result, right?

Dead Nation: all the data

05. Feb 2013 | housemarque


We know, it’s been a while. Despite the lack of substantial sharable updates on our upcoming projects, we’d like to reassure you that things at the studio are proceeding smoothly, and this long wait is all for the better. 2013 got off on the right foot, and we can’t honestly wait to tell you more about what we’ve been working on. Just hang in there, news are coming soon enough.

Road of Devastation Score Competition: the Winners

13. Nov 2012 | housemarque

Road of Devastation Score Competition: the Winners

As we announced on Facebook, our Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Score Competition is now concluded. If you missed it completely (shame on you), the goal was to score as high as possible in Arcade Mode, the new mode we added last June through a patch update (haven’t played it yet? Launch Dead Nation with ROD installed and you will get it free of charge!).

Road of Devastation Score Competition: do you have what it takes?

30. Oct 2012 | housemarque

Arcade Mode - Menu

One week left before the end of Halloween sales on PSN (at least for Europe, sorry America) – if you didn’t get your copy of Dead Nation: Road of Devastation yet, now you can get it for the insultingly low price of €1.99/£1.59! Anyway, not only you need ROD because it’s a great expansion to a great game (ahem!), but also because our Road of Devastation Score Competition starts today! HOW DOES IT WORK 1- The competition will revolve around the recently added Arcade Mode of ROD. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure your copy of the game…

Road of Devastation now part of Halloween Sale

26. Oct 2012 | housemarque


Last week we told you that Dead Nation was being included in the Halloween Sale, but that offer was valid only on the American PSN. “What about Europe”, some cried out? Well, Europe gets a double ration this week! In addition to Dead Nation (was €12.99/£9.99, now you can get it for €6.49/£5.19), the sale also includes Road of Devastation – the Dead Nation expansion – available for €1.99/£1.59 instead of €3.99/£3.19. Two good reasons to buy now? 1) Next week, we will kickstart a Road of Devastation score competition 2) Offers expires on October 30 in the US, and…

Halloween Sale: get Dead Nation now (or die trying)

18. Oct 2012 | housemarque


Fans of parties, zombies, guns and cities under siege, rejoice! All Hallows’ Eve is approaching and there’s no better time for you to grab a copy of Dead Nation! As a matter of fact, US Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to download the best zombie shooter out there for the insultingly low price of $3.75. And if you want a real challenge, don’t forget to take a look at Road of Devastation, our kick-ass (and recently-updated) Dead Nation DLC. Want to know more about the Halloween Sale? Find all the details on  

Dead Nation: Postmortem – Part 3

01. Oct 2012 | housemarque


Did you miss the first two parts of this feature, published originally in the March 2011 issue of Game Developer? Find them here and here. — WHAT WENT WRONG [CONTINUES FROM PART 2] 3 /// Too much content for a downloadable game. In hindsight, our levels should have been smaller in scale. After all, we had a fairly small team for the game we were making, but we still wanted to make a title that would take hours to play through, with lots of replayability. As gameplay changed toward a more tactical direction, and as we increased emphasis on necessitated…