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The Dazzling World of Furmins Now Reborn on PSVita

30. Oct 2013 | housemarque


Beatshapers, the independent Ukrainian developer you might know for its work on titles such as Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt and Star Drone has today released Furmins for PSVita, a physics based action puzzle game originally developed by Housemarque, the software house behind titles such as Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation and RESOGUN.

Like Furmins? Get the soundtrack!

20. Sep 2012 | housemarque


After the release of Furmins HD, we run two features on the music and sound design of our first foray into the uncharted territories of iOS. At the time, we spoke with Peter Hajba (music) and Ari Pulkkinen (sound design) about all aspects of their work. Today we are happy to announce that the soundtrack of Furmins is available in its entirety from Bandcamp, and that you can get it for an insultingly low price: So head there and do the right thing! Want to know more about Peter? Peter is musician and graphic artist known from the times of…

Furmins Now Available for Free!

03. Sep 2012 | housemarque


HELSINKI, FINLAND – September 03, 2012 – Housemarque, the award-winning Finnish games developer responsible for Angry Birds Trilogy, has released Furmins Free, a free version of Furmins HD, the critically-acclaimed physics-based action puzzler for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The game’s furry protagonists are already a household name in the iOS community, and Housemarque hopes this offering will only add to their popularity. “We believe this step will allow us to tap into a brand-new audience,” said Ilari Kuittinen, Housemarque’s CEO. “We feel there are a lot of gamers out there who perhaps did not have a chance to…

Housemarque’s Furmins Launches Major Update Today

07. Jun 2012 | housemarque

Furmins 1.1

HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 7, 2012 – Independent and critically acclaimed Finnish developer Housemarque today released a title update to Furmins, the physics based action puzzle game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Players will find 12 new levels to explore and solve, beautiful Retina Display graphics for the new iPad, Game Center support and iCloud backup for saved games. To celebrate the latest release, Furmins HD will be on sale for $0.99/€0.79/£0.69 for a limited time.” Since the initial release of Furmins, Housemarque has been listening to fan feedback and committed themselves to making the best possible game….

Update 1.1 for Furmins rolling out June 7

31. May 2012 | housemarque

Furmins 1.1 Out on June 7

Over the past few weeks we have been mentioning on our Facebook page that a new update (1.1) of Furmins was about to land on your iOS devices. Now, the time has come: the date is June 7! Write it down on your calendar and get ready for a whole new Furmins experience!” Since the initial release, we have been listening to fan feedback and committed ourselves to making the best possible game. This update answers many fan-made requests, as well as tackling some other opportunities to make Furmins more beautiful and fun. For those of you who missed the…

Because We May, Furmins on sale until June 1!

26. May 2012 | housemarque


We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games.” This is, in short, the idea behind the Because We May initiative. Giving developers the possibility to control the price of their own creation is a smart idea: users buy when they think the price is fair, we can experiment and learn more about our customers. That’s why Housemarque has decided to join the Because We May initiative in the iOS games category with Furmins HD: From May 24 to June 1, you will be…

Furmins: the Secret Artworks Stash – Part 4

22. Mar 2012 | housemarque

Copia di sea_2_588

Today we conclude our overview on the pre-production artworks created for Furmins. With us, Housemarque’s Lead Artist Mikko Eerola. If you missed the previous episodes, find them here, here, and here. For the last part of the interview we featured at the top the image of a sea. What can you tell us about it? This is another example in our quest to find the right look for Furmins. The previous painting was a bit too texture-like, and this one was, in my opinion, too realistic. It does have some of the same colors as some Romantic-period paintings, but it’s…

Furmins: the Secret Artworks Stash – Part 3

19. Mar 2012 | housemarque

Copia di pieces_588

Missed the first two parts? Mikko speaks about more pre-production artoworks here and here. Make sure you check them and see how the Furmins aesthetic has been evolving over time. Ok, so let’s continue our discussion speaking of this early draft. Readers can see it at the top of this post, and its name is “Pieces”. This was an initial design of the ornaments and the marble. As you can see, the ornaments are way too detailed. They look good on a computer screen but were a mess in the game. So the resolution wasn’t good enough? That, and also…

Furmins: the Secret Artworks Stash – Part 2

15. Mar 2012 | housemarque

Copia di iPadBG_588

A few days ago we started to go through the pre-production artworks of Furmins with Mikko Eerola, the game’s Lead Artist. Let’s see what else we found in our secret stash… Up next is this crest background. Readers can see it here at the top. This was one of the first images I came up with when I started exploring the idea of having these medieval-themed crests – but I also wanted to keep in mind that this game is not supposed to be completely historical and that’s why I  included these “modern color-schemes” in severla elements of the game….

Furmins: the Secret Artworks Stash – Part 1

12. Mar 2012 | housemarque

Copia di Crest_588

Our exploration into the world of Furmins continues with an additional commentary of Mikko Eerola, the game’s Lead Artist. Renowned for his work on Outland, Mikko’s influence can be found in all aspects of Furmins, from the main characters’ undeniable cuddliness to the game’s rich, immersive backgrounds. In this interview, divided in 4 parts, we dip into Mikko’s design archive and touch on a number of images which were generated over the course of production. Let’s start with the artwork titled “Crest”. Our readers can see it at the top of this post. This showcases how we can use different…