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Alienation announced, see the trailer

12. Aug 2014 | housemarque


Ladies and gentlemen, the day is here: Housemarque, developer of Sony-exclusive hits such as RESOGUN™, Super Stardust: Delta™, Dead Nation™ and Super Stardust HD™ is extremely proud to announce a brand new PS4 exclusive: Alienation.

Friendly RESOGUN Tournament Tue 13 – Fri 16 of May

13. May 2014 | housemarque

friendly tournament_2

Some of ours most loyal (and hardcore) fans started to discuss friendly RESOGUN tournaments on our forum. To show our appreciation we have decided to help them get the word out and support the second tournament in the series chiming in with a little prize.

Housemarque: a look back

14. Feb 2014 | housemarque


About a week ago, the founders of Housemarque visited Las Vegas for the annual D.I.C.E. event and awards. RESOGUN was nominated for the Best Action Game by the Academy and the nomination by itself was already a huge honor. Congrats to Bioshock Infinite for taking the cake in this category and to The Last of Us for all the others.

RESOGUN brings old-school back in the Action Game of the Year category at the D.I.C.E. Awards

17. Jan 2014 | housemarque


Eeach year, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards the best artistic achievements in videogames at the D.I.C.E. Summit. Housemarque, Finland’s oldest game studio, is proud to announce that RESOGUN, the exclusive and critically acclaimed PS4 shooter, has been nominated in the category Action Game of the Year along with other heavy hitters such as Battlefield 4, DmC, Bioshock Infinite and Dead Rising 3.

Timofei and Leo: cool dudes in da house

19. Dec 2013 | housemarque


Recently two young fellows joined Housemarque as a part of the mandatory local TET program (in short, work practice) that introduces high-school students to the ins and outs of what real work is like. Granted that we might not be the most ordinary representation of what “real” work is, it has been a joy to see some youthful enthusiasm around the office.

RESOGUN hits 10.000 ratings on SEN: a huge “thank you” to all the fans

22. Nov 2013 | housemarque

2013-11-23 01.51.38 am

Within the first week of PS4, RESOGUN has reached some incredible heights. This blog post is to thank you all, and to reassure you that if aliens invade, we’ll make sure to carry you to the nearest escape pods. Thank you for the reviews, the comments, the tweets, the streams. Thank you for playing the heck out of it: it makes us more proud of our work, and more motivated to deliver this kind of quality in all our upcoming projects too. To add to the celebration, today we reached and surpassed 10.000 ratings on SEN, boosting a perfect 5/5…

The Dazzling World of Furmins Now Reborn on PSVita

30. Oct 2013 | housemarque


Beatshapers, the independent Ukrainian developer you might know for its work on titles such as Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt and Star Drone has today released Furmins for PSVita, a physics based action puzzle game originally developed by Housemarque, the software house behind titles such as Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation and RESOGUN.

The Trader: the best game we never made

22. Oct 2013 | housemarque


In 2003 Housemarque was working on a PS2 title called The Trader, a third person action game set in a steam punk open world. Sounds amazing? It was. But for various reasons we never managed to complete the project. To kick off their new column “Lost”, EDGE published a small post-mortem about The Trader, which includes a video from an alpha version of the game.

Housemarque office: level up!

21. Oct 2013 | housemarque

_MG_8385 copy2

According to Professor Schaumund, creativity works best when allowed to run free in a comfortable setting. Housemarque’s employees have apparently reacted well to an upgrade in their working facilities, enjoying some much needed extra space – quickly starting to express themselves and create some awesome stuff.

Introducing RESOGUN

21. Aug 2013 | housemarque


The following article was used on Playstation Blog to announce our new IP, RESOGUN. — Hiya PlayStation.Blog, We are a team of game developers from a company called Housemarque, based in Helsinki, Finland. You might have heard of us before, especially if you’re a PlayStation enthusiast: do Dead Nation, Super Stardust HD or Super Stardust Delta ring any bells? Our first PlayStation®4 title has been in development for a while now, and getting ready for the next gen debut has been an exciting ride. Working on the Stardust franchise over the years has been both a challenge and a privilege,…