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Stardust Poet Award winner announced!

08. Jul 2013 | housemarque


A few days ago we asked to our community to come up with a poem or haiku capturing the spirit of the Super Stardust franchise. Today, we are happy to announce the winner of that competition: the Stardust Poet Award goes to stylecity1981, aka Eric F., who composed the brilliant Absolute Belief. Clear your throat and read it aloud with an epic tone of voice: Super Stardust, my emotional digital celestial sphere I live under your control Addicted, adrenaline turns into fear Endless and countless meteors are always near Striving to be better than those above me One wrong move…

Super Stardust Poetry Competition – Win a 3D crystal ship!

25. Jun 2013 | housemarque


Does your heart beat following the rhythm of the Rock Crusher? Do you shake your drinks with the Ice Splitter? Do you dream of proposing to your loved one with a Gold Melter in hand? If you answered “YES” three times, it means that gameplay flows powerful in your veins. Take part to the Super Stardust Poetry Competition and let your feelings loose! Write a poem inspired by Super Stardust HD / Delta and win a signed 3D Super Stardust crystal ship (pictured above). The rules are simple: 1- Write a poem / haiku inspired by the lavish action of…

Housemarque developing a “spiritual successor” to the Super Stardust franchise on PlayStation 4

23. May 2013 | housemarque

Helsinki, Finland, May 23 – Housemarque, the award winning developer of downloadable hit titles such as Dead Nation, Outland and Super Stardust HD, announced they are hard at work on a (still unnamed) “spiritual successor” to the Super Stardust franchise. The game will be released as a PlayStation®4 (PS4) exclusive. “We are super excited to be working on Sony’s next-gen hardware,” said Housemarque’s CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “The platform’s performances are enabling us to do things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise and we truly believe that better technology can lead to better gameplay. The more tools and resources we have at…

Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation included in IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games

06. Mar 2013 | housemarque


We are happy to share with you that both Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation have been included in the IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games chart released on Feb 28th, respectively on position 4 and 12. Not a bad result, right?

Super Stardust Delta for PSVita on sale

06. Feb 2013 | housemarque


Since release, Super Stardust Delta has collected incredible reviews and prestigious awards. We are happy to announce that our little baby has been included in Sony’s PSVita Birthday Sale, starting today. Head to the store to steal Super Stardust Delta + Advanced Star Fighter Pack Bundle for €4.99/£3.99 instead of €9.99/£7.99. PS Plus members will also enjoy an additional 10% off. There’s no excuse now. More details on the sale can be found HERE.

Super Stardust Delta Bundle now available

22. Nov 2012 | Tommaso

SSDelta Logo

Are you a PSVita owner yet? You should be, because PS+ has spread on Sony’s newborn as well. Aside from the excellent selection of free games coming with the subscription, for a limited amount of time you’ll be able to purchase a bundle including Housemarque’s award-winning space shooter – Super Stardust Delta – and the Advanced Star Fighter Pack with a 20% discount (7.99€ instead of 9.99€)! Super Stardust Delta is one of Vita’s best reviewed games of all times: see for yourself on Metacritic! At the moment the offer is available only in Europe, more info on other territories…

How to score 3.1 billion points in Super Stardust HD Impact Mode: an interview with Elle Galea

21. Aug 2012 | housemarque

Super Stardust HD Impact Mode record

A few days ago, we published confirmation of an incredible Super Stardust HD record on our Facebook page. Today we are happy to have with us Elle Galea, “the girl who achieved the impossible”. Hello Elle, first things first: you contacted us for the first time a few days ago about your “Impact Mode” score in Super Stardust HD. Apparently it’s so high that the leaderboards  can’t update it properly! Tell us a bit about yourself, and how you were introduced to the game? Hi, I’ve been into games since I was very young, thanks to my big brother; I’m…

Super Stardust HD 5th Anniversary Special Offer!

09. Aug 2012 | housemarque


The top-selling and award winning PS3 game, Super Stardust HD blasts you on a breathtaking tour through the galaxy full of epic sights and scenes! With its unique orbit based gameplay and stunning 3D visuals, Super Stardust HD has won several accolades and has been chosen by IGN as one of top 100 modern games, as well as making many Top Playstation 3 games lists.

Housemarque attends ‘Finnish Games Then and Now’ exhibition opening

06. Jun 2012 | Aki

Housemarque attends 'Finnish Games Then and Now' exhibition opening

A new exhibition on Finnish games (both analogue and digital) opened yesterday in Tampere (Finland), and Housemarque was there for the opening. The exhibition has 45 games on display (out of hundreds) and is open until June 10th. Five of our games are playable there; Stardust (Amiga), Alien Incident (PC), Supreme Snowboarding (PC), Super Stardust HD (PS3) and Outland (PS3).   More information in Finnish:   Photos by Jukka O. Kauppinen

Super Stardust Delta is the Best Nordic Handheld Game of 2012

28. May 2012 | housemarque


May 28, 2012 For industry fancy pants like us, the Nordic Game Awards have for the last 10 years been the place to be: we have fun, we meet old friends, and we celebrate the Nordic Countries’ rollicking game development scene.