Resogun Expansion Teasers for April: a quick recap

Resogun Expansion Teasers for April: a quick recap

07. May 2014 | housemarque

We are fairly close to announcing the upcoming expansion for RESOGUN, and therefore have also been teasing a bit about some of the features it will include.
Here is a little recap of what we talked about in April…


This particular pic was fairly obvious to many, but some came up with interesting explanations of what it could be teasing. Also it did get the conversation on going, which is nice since it was only “the first of many”…


Here above you can see a small side teaser that answered a request from Alexa. What many didn’t realize is that this pic actually teases quite a bit more than meets the eye. Some speculation related to this can be read on our forums.

Last but not least for April, the second official teaser. This might be slightly more cryptic than the others.


Lot of people seemed to get the basic geometric symbolism and some even saw it as slightly gender specific – rest assured that all will be clear once the expansion is fully reveled. To make things clear, RESOGUN and upcoming expansions are tough as bones for all people alike. We don’t discriminate.
And for anyone that took their time to read this far, here is a very unique little teaser to start off May: this is related to what we teased about in the “Second official teaser”… can you figure out what it is?